Flash Video (FLV) Anti-Aliasing

Flash Video (FLV) Anti-Aliasing

The functionality to have Flash anti-alias video playback has been around since Flash 6, but it wasn’t until Google Video that I found out about it. Flash gives users access to this functionality via the Video.smoothing property. Unfortunately this property is only available to plain Video objects. From my experimentations it doesn’t seem like Media Playback or FLVPlayBack objects use this property.

(You can create a plain Video object by opening the library, right clicking and choosing “New Video…”)

Try it for yourself. This video is scaled to 200% of its original size. Without smoothing, you can see the ragged edges of the individual pixels, but with smoothing enabled the rough edges simply disappear:

When using the plain Video object, you need to use the NetConnection and NetStream objects to load an FLV file into the player. The following code takes care of this for you:

var netC:NetConnection = new NetConnection();
var NetS:NetStream = new NetStream(netC);
//Enter file to be loaded here

Now, to enable anti-aliasing, all you have to do is set the smoothing property for the Video object:

test_video.smoothing = true;

As I said before, I haven’t found a way to actually use this functionality with the newer Video components. If you know how, please let me know and I’ll update these instructions.

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