Is Papervision3D ready for prime time?

So far I've considered Papervision3D as a product that's still in development - a fun toy to play with for those one-off projects. But I failed to realize how many badass mainstream websites are based on it until I watched the new Papervision3D 2007 showreel.

See for yourself:

So to make up for my ignorance I've compiled the highlights of sites that show off what Papervision is capable of -- even before the release of 2.0.

If you haven't used Papervision3D yet, but are ready to get started, there are plenty of good tutorials out there. Here's one by Peter Elst: Papervision3D in 5 minutes.

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Yeah it's rocks, welcome to the 'club'.
Papervision 3D version 2.0 is about to release, can you feel it?:)
# Posted By admin | 12/1/07 2:04 AM
Loving Papervision done some great projects but really dying to see a good book on the subject something in a cookbook is the key to making any project mainstream. Make it was and they will adopt it.
# Posted By Craig McLeod | 1/16/08 8:56 AM
You're missing the <a href="">amazi... paperdude</a>!
# Posted By Matthias Willerich | 2/20/08 6:41 AM
# Posted By aruno | 3/20/08 10:45 AM
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